Canker Removal Now is Critical for Fire Blight Management this Year

Monday Jan 02, 2023

No one wants fire blight in their orchard next year. For fire blight to take off in your orchard next year three things need to be there: the pathogen, the warm conditions and...

Delayed Dormant Sprays

Monday Jan 02, 2023

Dormant sprays are important for management of a wide range of pests including European red mite, woolly apple aphid, rosy and green apple aphids, and San Jose Scale. Most of these are easily controlled using a variety of materials, but if you are using oils, remember that good coverage is essential because they work by covering the egg stage and preventing respiration.

WSU Potato Research Group sign in a potato field

WSU Potato Field Day 2022

Monday Jun 27, 2022

A great day at the WSU Potato Field Day! WSU Extension Vegetable Crop Specialist Carrie Wohleb presented the many models and maps available on Potato DAS, and discussed upcoming improvements to the si...

NEW! How To page on DAS

Thursday Apr 07, 2022

Introducing a new feature of the DAS website! We have added a “How To” page featuring videos showing how to register for DAS, subscribe to weather stations, use the many different models a...

New Price

Increasing price

Friday Mar 06, 2020

In order to continue to function, the WSU-DAS group has decided they must raise user rates