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Weather Stations on DAS

Friday Mar 31, 2023

Weather data makes DAS run. However, which weather station(s) to choose is an important consideration for any DAS user. We now have more options available than ever before to provide weather data for models. As always, the primary source of weather data is from the WSU AWN network, which has over 300 stations connected to DAS. In 2022 we also incorporated the PNW AgriMet network, which made DAS available in Oregon and Idaho. In the "Add Stations" section of DAS, the WSU stations are shown in red, and the AgriMet stations are shown in blue.

Virtual weather stations are also an option that can allow users to set a pin on the map and use gridded weather data. The final option for DAS users is to connect private stations to AWN; once done these can serve as inputs for DAS.

We hope these options will aid all DAS users find the right inputs for their models