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Campylomma Bug

Tuesday Jan 02, 2024

Campylomma can be a pest during the bloom period when it feeds on young developing fruit. However, it is a beneficial predaceous insect that is valuable in control of soft bodied insects (such as spider mites) throughout the rest of year. DAS predicts the phenology of Campylomma during the spring, but beating tray samples need to be taken before and during the spring bloom period to determine if Campylomma is present and whether treatment is necessary.

Provisional action thresholds for Golden Delicious and Cameo is 1 nymph/tap; for Gala, Fuji, and Granny Smith 2 nymphs/tap; and for Red Delicious 4 nymphs/tap. Spray timing is the key factor in preventing damage by Campylomma – applications must be timed at pink or bloom to prevent damage; a petal fall application is too late. Pesticide recommendations are listed on DAS.

(Elizabeth Beers, WSU-TFREC)

Campylomma feeding damage to fruitlet (J. Brunner)

Campylomma 5th instar nymph (E. Beers)

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