WSU Decision Aid System

How to Search for Historic Model Output

Select a weather station by using the Location pull-down menu. This will load the available date range for the AWN station you chose.

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Select the model you wish to view by using the pull-down menu.

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Select a date range by pressing the Show Calendar button. You can navigate in the calendar by using the arrows (left, right, and center).
*Note: It is best to pick two dates that are no more than 2 months apart. Otherwise the system calculations may time out. If you would like to compare a longer time span, just perform two comparisons, one with the closer time period and a second one with the more distant time period.

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Repeat the previous steps in the other fields for additional comparisons.
Press the Submit button below the comparison boxes to view the results.

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In the output, you can
  • switch back and forth between viewing organic and conventional management recommendations,

  • print the model output, or

  • edit your search using the buttons on top of the comparison display.

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