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Spray Guide and Maximum Residue Level (MRL)

WSU Mini Spray Guide

The WSU Mini Spray Guide shows a list of recommended pesticides, either conventional (yellow background) or organic materials (green background), depending on your initial settings. These recommendations can be altered by changing the Crop Type or Crop Stage using the pull-down menus, or by changing the model view to View Organic or View Conventional).

Guide MRL 1

Guide MRL 2

More details for each pesticide can be viewed by clicking in the View WSU Spray Guide section of this Manual.

Maximum Residue Level (MRL)

The Maximum Residue Level (MRL) values are available for the pesticides listed in the mini spray guide above. The MRL table can be adjusted to the pesticide list according to changes in crop type or crop stage. All data are provided by the Northwest Horticultural Council. A link to the data source is provided below the MRL table for a more detailed search.
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