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Conditions and Management

Current Conditions and Management

The Conditions tab contains the following information:

  • station name

  • pest

  • date when the model was last updated

  • accumulated degree-days since January 1st (insect models)

  • temperature risk value (fire blight model)

  • date of primary infection, risk index, disease onset, current degree-day since bud break (cherry mildew model)

  • status (apple scab)

  • chilling hours (storage scald model)

  • today’s risk, next 6 days’ risk (sunburn browning model)

The management recommendations correspond to with the current pest conditions. The pest conditions depend on degree-day (DD) accumulations which are calculated with data from the WSU AgWeatherNet network of weather stations located across Washington State.

Current 1

Projected Conditions and Management

The Conditions tab also includes modes forecasts. Insect models provide a 42-day forecast of pest development; disease models up to 16 days. These projections are computed using weather forecast data of the National Digital Forecast Database run by NOAA as well as 10-year averages of AWN and/or NOAA data.

Projected 1

Use the pull down menu to view available forecast days.

Projected 2

Viewing Organic & Conventional Recommendations

In the Conditions tab, switch between conventional (yellow) and organic (green) materials and management recommendations:

  • Press the View Organic or View Conventional button located on top to the right of the station name.

Current 1

Current 1

Current 1
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