WSU Decision Aid System

Help Sections

  1. Setting Up Weather Stations

    Learn how to add, edit, and group weather stations in your account

    1. Add a Weather Station to Your Account
      1. Add an AWN Station to Your Account and Define Station Details
      2. Search for Your Orchard’s Location to Find the Nearest AWN Stations
      3. Map Zooming Options
      4. Switching the Map Terrain
      5. Difference in Elevation and Distance Between Your Orchard and an AWN Station
    2. Edit a Weather Station in Your Account
    3. Grouping Your Stations
  2. Historic Weather Data

    Learn how to view the models using the Historic Weather Data feature

    1. Historic Weather Data Center Overview
    2. How to Search for Historic Model Output
  3. Internet Browser

    Collection of help topics concerning your Internet browser

    1. Which Internet Browser Should I Use?
    2. How Do I Determine My Browser Version?
    3. How Do I Delete My Browser History in Internet Explorer?
    4. How Do I Delete My Browser History in Safari?
    5. How Do I Delete My Browser History in Safari on the iPhone?
    6. How Do I Delete My Browser History in Google Chrome?
    7. How Do I Delete My Browser History in Firefox?
  4. My Account Section

    Learn how to navigate through your account settings

    1. My Account
    2. Edit User Details
    3. Set Language and Starting Page
    4. Add, Edit and Group Weather Stations
  5. View Models Section

    Learn how to navigate through the model output.

    1. View Model Options
    2. Model Output Overview
    3. Conditions and Management
    4. Charts
    5. Data Table
    6. Spray Guide and Maximum Residue Level (MRL)
    7. Weather Forecast and Wind Speed
    8. Comparison to Last Year
    9. Hourly Totals (Fire Blight)
    10. Model Status (Fire Blight)
    11. Wetness Events (Fire Blight)
    12. Sunburn 7-Day Prediction
  6. WSU-DAS Spray Guide

    View and compare different spray materials for individual insect and disease pests.

    1. How to Access the Spray Guide
    2. Spray Guide Panel Overview
    3. Pesticide Effects on Natural Enemies
    4. Applying Spray Guide Filters
    5. Comparing Pesticides
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